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Logo and Branding My Montessori

Set in the lush and serene grounds My Montessori eco friendly school is surely one of the finest of its kind in Hout Bay and surrounds. It is the brainchild of Gillian Roy, a qualified Montessori school teacher, who has run her own very successful school, and Trevor Mclean-Anderson, a local businessmen and entrepreneur, as well as founder of the Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay. My Montessori eco-friendly School is a school that embraces modern technology, with state of the art computers and smart boards in the classrooms without compromising on the traditional tried and tested teaching disciplines.

Gillian's vision for the school, and therefore the logo and brand, was one of a holistic environment that brings children back to their roots and inspires them in their daily lives. The brand had to be uplifting and child-centric. Bright colours and the friendly circular motif helped to achieve this. The animal illustrations were also created to showcase the fact that the school has it's own farm animals.

Logo and Branding My Montessori

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